Political Asylum

If you have come to the U.S. and have what is called a “credible fear” of returning to your country due to government sanctioned persecution (or the failure of the local government to intervene in the targeted persecution), you may qualify for Political Asylum.

You must have a detailed history of threats or actual violence, discrimination or incarceration against you and/or your family in your country of nationality. That evidence must be backed by available reports by human rights organizations, local, national and international media and other independent, reliable sources.

Your claim for asylum must be made within one year of your entry to the U.S. You will then be scheduled for an interview with a local Asylum Office of U.S.C.I.S. and, if approved, you will be able to proceed to file for your Green Card (Permanent Residence).

We have helped victims of persecution based on their political views, sexual orientation and religious beliefs. Our office was very successful in representing several transgender clients fleeing from persecution in Mexico and they today have Green Cards or U.S. Citizenship.

Contact us to review your case as soon as possible. Remember, you only have one year to file.

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