Green Card Renewal or Replacement

Green Card Renewal is an important matter. Green Card holders (United States permanent residents) with expired Green Cards may be denied entry into the United States or able to show proof of legal status. Therefore, it is vital to keep your proof of permanent resident status current and valid. If your Green Card was issued over 10 years ago, you should check the expiration date printed on the front of the card. If your Green Card is expired, or it is about to expire, you should renew your Green Card immediately.

The following circumstances may apply to you and require you to act now:

  • Expired Green Card: If your Green Card is expired, you should submit your application immediately.
  • Green Card Within 6 Months of Expiration : If your Green Card is going to expire within 6 months, you should submit your application immediately. Backlogs at USCIS offices may delay the issuance of your new Green Card. Early submission for Green Card renewal is highly recommended.
  • Older Green Card Versions: The Permanent Resident Card, commonly knows as a “Green Card,” has had several different versions and official names over the years, such as: Form AR-3, Form I-151 and Form I-551. If you hold any of these cards, you should renew your Green Card and obtain the new version.
  • Green Card with No Expiration Date: It is advisable to renew a Green Card if it does not have an expiration date to a new version due to new USCIS legislation.

Other Green Card Issues:

  • Lost or Stolen Green Card: If your Green Card is lost or stolen, you should file for a replacement immediately.
  • Mutilated or Destroyed Green Card: If your Green Card is mutilated, destroyed or becomes illegible, you should request a replacement immediately.
  • Name Change: If you have recently changed your name due to marriage or any other reason, you need to request an updated Green Card with the new name.
  • Incorrect or Outdated Information: If your Green Card contains incorrect or outdated information, you should update it immediately.
  • Green Cards for Minors: If you obtained your Green Card without being required to obtain biometrics because you were under 14 years of age, you can request a new card at no extra charge if done so immediately upon turning 14.
  • Green Card Not Received: Occasionally a Green Card is never received even though the application was approved and the Green Card issued by the USCIS. If you have already submitted a Green Card application, but did not receive it, there are certain procedures to follow to get a new one issued. The Green Card Replacement Application Guide describes how to request a new Green Card.
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