Extraordinary Ability Green Card (EB-1)

The EB-1 Green Card is for a person of extraordinary ability in the arts, sciences, athletics or business. The petition is filed by the individual or an employer of the individual, which can include an agent/manager in the case of an entertainer.

An entrepreneur/ businessperson with documented success abroad or in the United States may qualify for an EB-1 with substantial documentation.

Specific Requirements:

To qualify for this Green Card, the individual must document that they have received a major award or meets at least three (preferably more) of the following:

  1. Receipt of national or internationally recognize prizes;
  2. Membership in associations that require outstanding achievement of members;
  3. Published material in professional, trade, or other media about the alien’s work;
  4. Participation on a panel judging the work of others in the field;
  5. Original scientific, scholarly, or business-related contributions;
  6. Authorship and publication of scholarly articles in journals or other media;
  7. Previous employment in a critical or essential capacity for organizations with a distinguished reputation;
  8. Has or will command a high salary in comparison to others in the field; and
  9. Any other comparable criteria that more readily apply to the beneficiary’s occupation.

Satisfying three of the criteria, however, might not be sufficient. Most petitions will need to include several letters from experts or famous individuals in the field attesting to the qualifications of the applicant.Contact us to evaluate your case.

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