Employment-Based Green Card

Obtaining a Green Card through an offer of employment can take an average of 1-5 years, longer for certain nationals of India, China, Philippines and Mexico. There are several categories, depending on your educational background and the requirements of the job offered. The process is faster for those with advanced degrees, such as a Master’s degree or a combination of a Bachelor’s Degree and relevant job experience.

image5The process of applying for an employment-based green card starts with the Department of Labor and the “PERM” application. Once this is approved, the next application is to USCIS (Immigration Department) for approval of the applicant as a permanent employee. Once this is approved, the Green Card application can be adjudicated for the sponsored employee and immediate family (spouse and children under 21).

The process is long and complicated and many factors must be considered before beginning. Contact us today to schedule a consultation. Now is the best time to begin your application as the backlog waiting times have been drastically reduced in recent months.

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